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Job Openings
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Social Service
Are you a university student and interested in completing your social service with us?
Our project is educational, artistic, operational, academic and it is at the service of different communities that need it, especially young people who we train -through theatre and art used as a pedagogical tool- to develop life skills that help them have a better life, with less violence and marginalization, If you decide to do your community service with ACTO, you will also practice these life skills which will be useful to you in your present, future, and in your professional and personal life.
By working with us you will also learn:

how to organize, communicate and do networking to address social problems in our country;to develop ways of systematizing information for its analyses;to give workshops based on our own ludic and pedagogical methodology,

as well as gain knowledge of how an NGO works.

We want you to bring your unique way of seeing the world to ACTO's work. Having ideas, putting them into practice, and testing them, is one of the best things you can learn with us. This is what excites us the most: to learn how your knowledge, creativity, and personality will enrich our work.
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