Ciudad de México

What do we do?

Lines of Action

Pedagogic Actions

At ACTO we design and implement workshops, courses, and seminars -based on our pedagogic methodology- that are oriented towards the achievement of our mission as well as the development of life skills. Some of the workshops we implement most frequently are the following:

  • Strategic oral communication

  • Assertive communication

  • Nonviolent communication

  • Examining gender and its social implications

  • Knowing our rights and how to demand them

  • Aprendiendo a usar el cuerpo como herramienta en un juicio oral

  • Theater of the oppressed

Artistic and Cultural Actions

ACTO promotes, in different ways, activities aimed towards artistic and cultural quality productions with a clear social objective. These activities range from performances and artistic interventions to seminars and conferences whose central objective is to discuss current topics with the purpose of eliciting the active questioning of social and political conditions instead of offering answers.

Democratic Actions

At ACTO we design and implement projects whose purpose is to help civil society groups and communities organize in order to solve social problems that affect them. As part of these actions, we make an attempt for these groups to understand and take advantage of the existing institutional resources in our country that allow for raising concrete claims and demands.
ACTO believes one way to achieve real impact for social change in a world in constant transformation is for our actions to be based on academic research. Since an understanding of our present from multiple perspectives is a basic principle for the correct development of our lines of action, pedagogic, theatrical, artistic, social, and legal research are the central pillars of all the projects we undertake.

Strategic Bonds

Since our projects and actions involve work with vulnerable populations and populations in complex situations, we keep in mind that during their development sometimes problems arise whose solution is beyond the possibilities of ACTO. Therefore, we have strategic bonds with multiple civil society organizations that can collaborate with the individuals or collectives that might need psychological and/or legal support, among other types of problems and collaborations.