Ciudad de México

Pedagogic Methodology

At ACTO we implement projects that seek to develop skills, capabilities, and knowledge necessary to support the collective resolution of social problems in communities through democratic and deliberative processes.
To achieve this development of skills, regardless of the issue, the community -and the specific objectives of the pedagogic action- ACTO uses a methodology that:
  • is adapted and modified according to the community it is working with;
  • seeks for the participants to practice, analyze, and critique collective work and its potential for social transformation; and
  • is centered on the objective of significant learning in which participants attribute sense, meaning, or importance to any learned knowledge.
Therefore, all the pedagogic actions that we develop at ACTO have the following lines of action:
  • Collective creation, among facilitators and participants, of a contract that will regulate the way we work throughout the entire pedagogic action.
  • Theatrical and artistic activities and games, both individual and collective, as a central axis of any pedagogic process.
  • Reflection and dialogue circles as an end for each game and each pedagogic encounter. This activity is essential for significant learning, both individual and collective.
  • Education through critical questions and not through the simple and direct transmission of knowledge.
  • Understanding of mistakes as something natural and acceptable, and as a necessary element for human growth and development.
  • Training of facilitators to achieve congruence between theory and practice.
As an association, we seek to exercise a pedagogy that, through questioning, construction of new knowledge, games, art, and the development of life skills, enables the participants (as well as the facilitators) to explore the construction of their identity and their reality in order to transform it according to their individual and collective needs.