Ciudad de México

Lorena Elizondo

Lorena Elizondo Grediaga has a bachelor’s degree in Educational Theater from New York University, specializing in the use of theater as a pedagogic methodology, and she is certified to teach in the United States.

She has participated in different Theater of the Oppressed festivals, specializing in this methodology, in India, 2010; Guatemala, 2012; Bolivia, 2014.

Shortly after graduating, she returned to Mexico in 2012 to work on the SEDESOL project “Rescuing Public Spaces,” designing and giving Theater of the Oppressed workshops in nine different communities in Chiapas.

In 2013 she returned to Mexico City to work as an analyst at BHR, an education and security consulting firm, helping with the diagnosis and design of a reform for the Military Education System.

She has specialized in issues of gender construction and different aspects of communication (nonviolent communication, assertive, oral, etc.).

Starting in 2014 she began to work with ACTO as a cofounder and partner.

At the same time, she has designed and implemented the pilot for the program Art to Share at Educación para Compartir, A.C.; she has designed and facilitated workshops for the project Talentum within the Interdisciplinary Program of Educational Practices and Policies at the Economic Research and Teaching Center; among other independent work in collaboration with civil society, companies, and the government sector.