Ciudad de México

Accion Creativa Transversal y Organizada, A.C.

At ACTO we design and implement projects whose aim is to develop like skills and, hence, build a less violent, more just and democratic society.

Some of the activities we do are:

  • Pedagogical interventions
  • Courses and workshops
  • Seminars
  • Training
  • Artistic productions
  • Academic research
At Acción Creativa, Transversal y Organizada, A.C. (hereinafter ACTO) we set up multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary processes in order to develop life skills and promote the organization of democratic and deliberative environments for the purpose of influencing the decrease of violence and marginalization.


ACTO seeks to be a point of reference for the construction of deliberative and democratic environments through the development of life skills such as critical thinking, empathy, creativity, and cooperation in communities that suffer from violence, marginalization, and/or low quality of life.


In ACTO we believe that the best way to promote dialogue between people in order to resolve their conflicts is through ludic activities and games. We use games and educational theater to develop life skills such as empathy, self-esteem, active listening, creativity, self-awareness, motivation, and critical thinking, since we consider these to be key pieces for a healthy dialogue. At the same time, the skills that are developed and learned through games and fiction are useful tools for different moments and situations in life.
Who do we collaborate with?
To develop projects and implement workshops, A.C.T.O. collaborates with different programs and civil society organizations such as: - Educación para Compartir, A.C. - Participando por México (PxM), A.C. - Pauta Política, S.C. - Interdisciplinary Program of Educational Policies and Practices of the Economic Research and Teaching Center (CIDE). - Uber